Welcom to  DIVYX KENNEL  

We are Bengt and Ylva Persson and we have had several different breeds but lately we have found this wonderful breed.

We bought our first groenendael in 2002 from Anna and Anders Malcus at Gilean's Kennel in sa , Sweden.

It was Gilean's Styx a very lively and determined male , when our golden retriever died 2 years later it was

very easy to chose what breed we wanted so we bought our first tervueren from Siv Trolin at Segerforsens Kennel in smo , Sweden.

Her name was Segerforsens Faboulus Diva and a real Diva she is .

Now we started to think about breeding and when Diva became 2 years old we decided it was time.

At this time we had already bought our second groenendael male NUCH,DKUCH Armani du Bois du Tt

from Jol and Sophie Jouannet at kennel Bois du Tt in France , a truly beautiful male who sadly did get epilepsia and

was utenised at 2009 when the attacks became too many and too long to cope with.

The first male we chose to mate Diva with was the Beautiful Xoran van de Hoge Laer at Bois du Tt .

The result was 5 puppies the Z-litter with very good looks and also working abilitys.

In late 2007 we did our second mating with Van de Pillendyk Darco at Grimmendans kennel in Belgium

the result from this mating was 10 puppies  the M-litter.

In 2008 we went to Holland to buy our latest addition to our kennel Diesel de Bruine Buck from Tom Roozen,

she will have our first groenendael litter when she matures .